Stocks To Buy And Hold For A Decade Or Longer


When you are thinking about buy and hold investing strategies, you need to take a look at which stocks are going to make you the most money. You want something that has a steady rate of growth to it because these are the stocks that are going net you the best profits when you decide to sell them. To help with this, we are going to take a look at some of the stocks that will likely be your best options if you are going to be in this for the long haul.


One company that has long been a solid performer is Boeing. As one of the premier companies for manufacturing commercial airplanes, this is a consistently solid performing company that really only has one or two major competitors. These are affordable stocks that have seen their value double over time.


What is great about Ecolab is that it seems like their products are everywhere. In fact, they probably are since you can find these products in over 170 countries and they have over a million customers that purchase their products. By tracking the history of these stocks, these stocks seem to manage to go up by double digit percentages (somewhere around 14%).


Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a subscription to Netflix? This is a hugely successful company that has not even opened up their company to many countries across the globe. As this market opens up for them, you will definitely notice more increases. As of now, some experts believe that this will likely gain over 10% every year.

Johnson & Johnson

You may notice in the health aisles, this brand is everywhere. This versatile healthcare company has a cash flow that comes from various markets from regular consumers to those in the medical industry. They also do a lot of research every year to help improve this industry and their products further. In the past, they nearly earned 9% every year.


Disney always seems to be coming out with something new that becomes an instant sensation. (Ever hear of “Frozen”?) Between obtaining the rights to “Star Wars” and everything else that they have, this has long been a popular choice because of its stability. This is a company that is always growing, so it is a safe bet for you.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

You may be worried about this stock, considering the health scare in recent times associated with this company. Chipotle did bounce back pretty quickly and remains a very stable company that people still turn to.

Keep in mind that these are just predictions based upon their past performances. You are always taking a chance when you are picking stocks, but if the past is any indication of performance these are very strong choices that have long been consistent. At the end of the day, consistency in stocks is exactly what you are looking for if you want to utilize a buy and hold investment strategy.

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