Why America is So Great for Buy and Hold Strategies


Buy and hold investment strategies have not really become too popular until 2009. Now, they seem to be the answer that people are turning to for their portfolios. These are investment options that are perfect for those long-term situations where a stock market has a consistency to it. For this reason, America offers the best place for people get to get the most profits from their investments. Let’s take a look at the American market to see exactly why buy and hold strategies are especially profitable when you work with it.

In recent years, the American stock market has never been better. In a time of such economic uncertainty, the American market continues to thrive and break records. In fact, in recent days it closed at over 21,000 which is the highest it has ever been in the history of the stock market. However, it is not these amazing highs that you should consider as to why the American market is the best option. The best selling point for having buy and hold investments in the American market is because it is consistent, which is really the most important thing when it comes to this particular strategy. The stocks never quite dipped too far low that would cause an investor to get scared but a lot of stocks may not have seen a worthwhile short-term investment.

This may not be an ideal market for the short-term investments that people will tend to go for rather than the long-term strategies that make buy and hold strategies so successful. As far as market predictions, it seems to be a solid buy and hold for the upcoming years as growth is still expected to remain steady and consistent. Despite having these all-time highs, there is some stagnancy that will suit the buy and hold investors will definitely appreciate. Since this is also known as a “wait and see” type of investment, you will notice a slight increase over a long time as long as you did careful research to ensure that you chose viable stocks. With care these stocks will slowly grow into a great investment, a return that will far exceed the amount of money that one can earn when they are doing active investing.

When you factor in the recent numbers of the price-to-earnings ratio, you will see that the percentage in recent years has come up over 4%. You will find a profitable time by sticking with the stock market and earning the dividends if you remain in the American market. You can really count on this market because it has seen its own level of stability in the recent years even though there have been a lot of wrenches thrown into the world economy, like with issues with the Euro and Brexit. Long-term investments thrive on this stability because without it, the stockholder will not get any significant profits. If you want to have a successful portfolio of buy and hold investments, you need patience and stability to stay in it for the long-term.

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