Top 5 Buy And Hold Stocks To Purchase in 2017


Want to start off a new year with investing, but you don’t know where to put your moneys worth? Well you have come to the right place! In this post, i will tell you which top 5 stocks you should buy and hold to make a good return on your investment. These stocks have known to have a great record of growth and will continue to grow.

Amazon started off as a regular online bookstore which no one tended to care about back in the day. Now amazon is a virtual beast which has expanded in almost every market and might soon be the first 1 trillion dollar company on this face of this planet. I personally thought apple would be the first to achieve this, but by the looks of it, Amazon will achieve it. It is even going into the route of physical stores which will have no employees whatsoever and will test out this 2017. If most of there test products go well, this stock will blow up.

Formerly known as Google, Alphabet is also dominating the market. There growth and revenue have been both going up Year-Over-Year and now they have physically gone into the phone market as well by producing the Google Pixel. Alphabet takes on many risks in many different markets which always keeps this company diversified and fresh to taking on risks. A definite buy on my books.

  • Facebook (FB

Facebook, the social media giant with over 1.8 billion users, will be a stock to hold for a long time. They have had over 40% Y-O-Y growth and have left critics in awe. With them dominating the market by owning large social network platforms such as Instagram and Whatsapp they are sure to dominate this year as well. As advertising revenue goes up and the mobile user base expands in other markets, Facebook will be the first to reach and gain from them.

With the ongoing demand of electric cars, Tesla is supposed to take the top spot. With a lot of new competition, which will help thrive the electric car market, Tesla still seems to be doing well. The Giga factory is in production now and they are supposed to start their production of the model 3 series. This will be a low budget  vehicle for the average user to purchase. The car comes out in 2018 so its better to rack up the stock now and watch it explode once it is unveiled. The car already has 500,000 pre-orders racked up, which in itself, is an impressive feat.

Last but not least, Apple. This is my personal favorite stock. I mean, who wouldn’t want a share of Apple’s fortunes? Apple had a tough year in 2016 in which its stock price stayed consisted around the 100-120 range. 2016 was the year when the iPhone 7 was released but it wasn’t what everyone expected it to be. But Apple’s true plans lie in 2017. This is the year when they will release the iPhone 8 which will be their 10th anniversary phone. This is supposed to be the next deal breaker for apple to put them back on their grind in the smartphone market.

This is my personal list on what you should buy and hold in the stock market for 2017 and beyond. It will greatly diversify your portfolio and bring in a good amount of capital. These stocks already have a good growth record and will continue to grow and outshine. Another one i would have added to the list, but didn’t since the IPO did not occur is Snapchat. That will be my next big buy since it will be an explosive stock on the market. Let me know your thoughts below guys if you agree with my list or if you would like to share your portfolio with others!

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